Breville RM-BMO734XL Countertop Microwave

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Are you looking for versatility in your microwave oven cooking? Then the Breville Quick Touch Countertop Microwave is the microwave you have been searching for. It is definitely for you. With the impressive array of features it offers, you will always have just what you need on hand to cook the perfect dinner, beverage, or snack.

One of the most impressive features of this microwave is its Sensor IQ function, which automatically adjusts your cooking time for any food. The microwave is exceptionally high tech, and is able to measure the humidity being released from food as it cooks in it. Whether you are cooking something new or reheating something old, the microwave can determine the best cooking time for it based on the humidity, and it will adjust the cooking time automatically to reflect this, even if it is not the original cooking time you programmed into it. That is next level microwave oven technology, and it is available to you now with this wonderful, reliable high power microwave oven.

With its 1,100 watt cooking power, this microwave also comes with a giant LED display panel, which allows easy programming. You will not accidentally hit the wrong button and get a wrong cook time with this one, and even if you do, the microwave will automatically adjust it to the right one for you.

Even more fascinating, you can adjust the power level while your food is cooking without having to stop the microwave and restart it, something that other microwaves simply cannot offer you. The giant LED display allows you to see what setting and function your microwave is using at all times, whether you are simply watching it cook, intend to change the time or power level, or are interested in seeing what it looks like when the microwave automatically changes the cook time or power level for you. It is an intriguing cooking experience.

This is a microwave that is made to make all of your tasks in the kitchen so much simpler and easier. With auto functions for softening butter, melting chocolate, reheating beverages, cooking popcorn, or heating up TV dinners, all you have to do is press one button, and the microwave does it all for you. With leftovers, you can guess a cook time and power, and the microwave will automatically adjust it to the correct settings if necessary. You get everything you need to have perfect food with just one touch. How much easier can it get than that?

This is a microwave you will be pleased to have in your kitchen. In fact, once you have it, you will wonder how you ever did without it. It makes cooking so easy, you just will not find anything better on the market for the price. If you ever wondered if microwave oven technology could be improved upon, this high power microwave oven is the answer. Yes, it can. And, yes, Breville did it. Give this microwave a try. You will be glad of it.

Whirlpool WMH31017FB Over-The-Range Microwave

high power microwave oven reviews, high power microwave oven review

Whirlpool is best known for its washers, dryers, and refrigerators, but it also has a world class microwave oven for you to enjoy. This high power microwave oven is 1.7 cubic feet wide, and has 1,000 watts of premium cooking power packed into it. It is an ideal option for installing over your stove’s range or for using on your counter top. The controls are easy to use, and provide you with the right amount of heat for whatever it may be that you are cooking. In addition, it has a dishwasher safe glass turntable plate, so you can easily clean up any spills or splashes that may get on there. Clean up is a breeze with this high power microwave oven.

If you decide to mount this microwave on the wall, you will discover a light on the bottom that shines down to illuminate whatever is cooking below on the range. The light can even be used as a night light in the kitchen. In addition, you get ten cooking power levels with this microwave, as well as pre-programmed options, such as potato, pizza, popcorn, TV dinner, reheat, soften/melt, and defrost. These make cooking so simple, because you just have to press one button to get the exact cooking temperature and length you desire, which results in the perfect meal, beverage, or snack each and every time. You can’t go wrong with this stylish, durable, multi-function high power microwave oven.

There are even a selection of colors for this microwave oven. You can choose from white, black, silver, and stylish stainless steel. This means your new microwave will fit in perfectly with your chosen kitchen decor and/or your personal style tastes. There is also a one year warranty included with this microwave, so you are protected when giving it a try, and Whirlpool’s customer service is known for being responsive and excellent. You are buying a top quality high power microwave oven when you purchase this appliance.

When it comes to appliances, you can’t get much better than a Whirlpool high power microwave oven. You can cook almost anything to perfection in this thing, in a much shorter amount of time than it would take to cook it in the oven or on the range. Whether you want to cook a fancy chicken dinner with potatoes and vegetables on the side to impress your significant other, or you simply want to heat up a TV dinner, make some pizza rolls, or get the perfect cup of hot chocolate, this microwave can do it all for you. You will never be disappointed with the results it gives you. This microwave is made to be high class and top quality. It is one of the best microwave ovens around.

Whether you live in a large house or a small apartment, this microwave will fit right in, and will make dining and entertaining a breeze. You could even do an entire holiday meal in this machine. The price is reasonable, too. Give it a try.

RCA RMW733 Countertop Microwave

high power microwave oven reviews, high power microwave oven review

This RCA countertop high power microwave oven is one that is both economical and powerful. If you are looking for a microwave that will give you the most “bang for your buck,” this is the one. It is relatively simple, and does not have many accoutrements, but it will give you what you desire. In fact, you will most definitely be surprised at all this microwave can do for such a low price. This makes it perfect for dorms, first apartments, as a wedding gift for a young couple, and for a housewarming present. You can even bring it with you in your RV and always have perfectly cooked foods while on the road on your adventures.

This microwave has a .7 cubic foot wide size, and can be installed over a range or on a wall. This is unusual for most countertop microwaves. It has an amazing 700 watts of cooking power, which will allow you to defrost just about anything, and to cook by weight with ease. You can even choose easy cooking options with one touch buttons for a variety of commonly cooked things, such as potatoes, popcorn, pizza, frozen dinners, beverages, and reheat for leftovers. This makes cooking your most beloved foods as simple as pushing a button on your reliable RCA microwave.

The microwave oven looks small, so you may not think your largest dinner plates will not fit inside. However, they will. The interior has a ten and a half inch rotating glass tray, and customers online who have purchased this microwave love how it is small and compact, while still easily accommodating large dishes. This means you can easily cook large meals for a lot of people in a microwave that looks like it was really made for one person. This is just one of the many things you will love about this microwave.

With its stylish, modern appearance, this microwave will look good anywhere. It is made to fit in with any decor. Regardless of your kitchen style, it will fit in with ease. It will even fit in if you have no kitchen style at all. In fact, with haphazard kitchens, this microwave adds a bit of class and distinction to the place, because it looks so good. Sleek, stylish, and reliable, this microwave oven is the very definition of a functional piece of decor, which serves as a working and helpful kitchen appliance, as well. You will come to love this high power microwave oven.

With this microwave, you will learn that just because something is small, it does not mean it is not high powered. In fact, this tiny marvel is one of the highest powered small microwaves of its class. You can cook virtually anything in it, from a turkey to a TV dinner. It is lovely to have so much versatility in your cooking with a multi-purpose microwave. The price is also extremely reasonable, so you do not have to spend a fortune to get the exact microwave cooking experience you desire.

Cuisinart CMW-100 Countertop Microwave Oven

high power microwave oven reviews, high power microwave oven review

Cusinart is a top name in kitchen appliances, and one you know you can always count on. Cuisinart stands for quality. And, that quality is completely apparent in this beautiful one cubic foot countertop microwave oven. It looks beautiful, and performs even better. You will always be able to rely on it, because Cuisinart does not make anything that is less than stellar in quality, durability, appearance, and performance.

This exceptionally excellent microwave boasts eight preset options for cooking, and there are different serving size selections for you to easily cook different serving sizes of foods. This is a perfect feature for you to use with foods you cook or reheat in a microwave on a regular basis, as you can do it all with just a push of one simple button.

The control panel on this microwave couldn’t be easier to use, and has all the features you may desire. There is a timer for timed cooking, two different defrost functions, and a full ten different power levels for the most possible versatility in cooking. You can cook anything from a simple meal for one, to a dinner party for a dozen people or more with this beautiful, reliable microwave.

There is even a modern two-phase cooking option you can use to defrost something for a certain amount of time, and then change it over to regular cooking for as long as you wish. This capability works at all power levels, and you can even set them for certain amounts of time before cooking, so you do not even have to go back to the microwave to change the setting….it will do it on its own.

You can also set custom cook times on this microwave for things you cook often, so you do not have to guess the cook time once you get something just right. This means your favorite foods will be exactly how you like them, each time you cook them. This is a microwave designed with you in mind, and is almost intuitive. It certainly allows you to program it to be intuitive. You will always get perfection out of your foods with this high power microwave oven.

This microwave has a capacity of twenty-eight liters, along with a twelve-inch glass tray inside. It also comes with a three year warranty, so you do not have to be concerned about anything going wrong with it and being on the hook for the money. Plus, Cuisinart has legendary excellent customer service.

Just remember, this high power microwave oven is meant to be a counter top one. Do not put it over a range, or attempt to affix it to a wall, and you will be good. Its counter top nature allows it to be used in a variety of settings. It is perfect for a dorm, a first apartment, a mother-in-law apartment, and even in an RV. Anywhere you need a reliable way to cook your favorite foods to perfection, this microwave is there for you.

Panasonic NN-SD997S Countertop/Built-In Microwave

high power microwave oven reviews, high power microwave oven review

Are you looking to get the most out of your microwave? A high power microwave oven is the thing for you. In particular, the Panasonic NN-SD945S is an ideal microwave oven. It really does it all. In fact, it is almost like having your  own personal chef. This microwave will poach, braise, and steam your food to perfection each time. You can cook gourmet meals in this thing.

The microwave is totally high tech. It comes with Panasonic’s patented Inverter Technology, which is something you want in a high quality microwave oven. This top technology generates a steady stream of power that cooks food evenly. This means you will not have to put the food in the microwave more than once to get the perfect cooking you desire, and you will not be biting into any cold or frozen places in the middle of your meal. The edges will not get hotter than the rest of the meal. Instead, you get perfectly even cooking temperatures from the middle to the edge of anything you put in this microwave.

Even better, this consistent, even cooking experience applies to all of the 18 auto-cook options that come with this high power microwave oven. It can also be used with low or high cooking temperatures, meaning you can easily use it to defrost a turkey or slightly soften up ice cream for easier scooping.

This technological marvel is 1,200 watts with a 1.2 cubic foot capacity. It has a compact design for easy placement in your kitchen, while having plenty of room inside to put a lot of food, which saves you cooking time. This microwave can be used to put together a complete dinner party or holiday meal, and no one you serve will ever know the food was cooked in a microwave oven instead of on a stove top or regular oven. It is also perfect for cooking an intimate meal for two, or a simple meal for one. This microwave does it all. It is one of the highest technology microwaves on the market.

Not only that, but the microwave looks good, too. It has a modern design that looks sleek and shiny. Its easy and attractive controls each have one touch sensors to allow you to cook and reheat with ease. It does everything you need it to do, while being an attractive addition to your kitchen, as well. Plus, this microwave comes with the additional feature of putting it on your countertop, or having it built into your kitchen wall using Panasonic’s stainless steel trim kits.

This is the undisputed king of high technology microwave ovens. And, it is reasonably priced, costing not much more than a regular microwave oven. You can have all of this wonderful technology and ease of cooking in one attractive, compact, easy to use machine at a price that will fit anyone’s budget. This microwave makes a perfect gift for a friend or loved one, or even for yourself. You may not think of microwaves as sexy, but this is as close as they come. You will be happy you got this one.